• Consulting at the intersection of institutional diversity and inclusion and alternative holistic wellness.

  • Intersectional feminist curriculum development, pedagogy/cultural sensitivity training, diversity and inclusion business strategy.

  • Speaking engagements such as college, university, community-based lectures, seminars, and workshops on areas of expertise.

  • Consultations for students, business professionals and creatives related to identity-development, self-empowerment, life purpose and career-mapping, navigating higher education using astrology and tarot.



  • DJ Booking

  • Product Reviews

  • Events & Brand Activations


See What People Say About Their Experiences:

I've been in two tarot readings with Tay and left both feeling like I had gone through therapy and healing. She is obviously knowledgeable, in touch with spirituality, and radiates compassion. I was so excited to find that she shares her incredible gifts in other ways (when looking for places to leave good reviews so others know how great she is). I hope to see her again, but no matter, she has forever touched my life.”—Jamie P.

“I've sought The Witch Goddess's services multiple times and my time with her has been nothing short of transformative. From her knowledge of astrology and tarot to her fusion of numerology and soundscapes, The Witch Goddess provides a one-of-a-kind experience for her clients. She approaches Her work with a type of love, intention and care that is both embodied and felt. Although she is kind, warm and sweet, make no mistake: she greatly values accountability and will not spare you the truth for your feelings sake. I can attest to this personally—and now I am better thanks to her guidance, tutelage, firmness, intuition and patience. With myriad healers offering services these days, it can be difficult to find someone who is worthy of trust. You need look no further than The Witch Goddess as she is the very embodiment of her work. Book her today and you will not be disappointed!” -Julian G.

“I am an advocate of the witch goddess’s services! The Witch Goddess (Tay) was wonderful at my 1 hour tarot card reading. She naturally has a sincere presence and calming spirit that makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. The vibe was like meeting up with an old friend. Overall, It was a great experience. I really felt like the experience allowed me to get the questions I had answered and helped clarify some uncertainty for the next phase of my life. I really enjoyed watching Tay’s magic work before my eyes as she communicated through the cards and spirit!
Please do yourself the favor and try out the witch goddess for your readings or any of her other many services. I will definitely be returning. She is truly a gift.” - Justin

“The amount of accuracy in this month’s and last month’s (YouTube) reading has floored me. Thank you for the videos and for selflessly sharing your gifts.” - Briona