"Pyramids"- Aquarius Full Moon x Virgo Season: Tarot, Angel, Soundscape Forecast

The Cards, Angels, and Spirit

For weeks lightworkers and channelers have been speaking across Astrology and from other Hermetic Clair ways of knowing, tapped in to the messages and visions that confirm this Lion’s Gate is a particularly strong energetic portal taking us more firmly into the Aquarian age.

On Sunday, July 28th, my guides gifted me messages about this sacred time, that I only shared briefly in my Insta Stories. Messages about the Lion’s Gate energy portal that began July 26th, marked by the Black Moon taking us into the Aquarius Full Moon on August 15th, where on August 8th the Solar Suns and the celestial bridge will align with a still-standing representation of ancient spiritual knowledge on Earth- The Pyramids of Giza. Where Egyptians, the early North African civlizations of genius that influenced the Greeks, recognized and worshipped the Sun God, and other dieties.

Spirit sent me a song, angel number, and tarot insight for this time—per usual.


The Song was called “Pyramids” by Tea. Some Astro-wavy shit for you to feel in your body the sexual creative energy that is light + insight + fuel. For and toward your embodied wholeness as an ascending being. 💫🦁🌞🔮👁 Synchronistically I was using the Afrofuturist Tarot, and The Tarot card I pulled, 6 of Swords, is represented in this particular deck as a child walking bravely toward an activated pyramid, and shielding their eyes from the Sun and the pyramid’s bright electricity, but nevertheless walking away from inner and outer turmoil, bravely toward the light and higher consciousness as a conscious choice of rebirth—and even as the rebirthed inner child. I will forever be in awe of magic—the clear synchronicities.

The Angel Number was 1033: A combination of individually powerful numbers that indicate the collective is in a time of being lifted up to heightened spiritual consciousness. Where the healers, teachers, creative innovators and light workers are called to come forth from fear, doubt, and bondage to help create a new world through seeking healing, being confident, self-empowered, and knowing your purpose. Through knowing and trusting you’re supported by the Universe and the Divine. Co-creating with them. Tapping into joy, inspiration, and your imagination.

It all confirms the time as gifting us access to higher consciousness, and an opportunity for us to walk away from old ways of being into more authentic light-filled fulfilling lives. Similar to ancient knowledge, crossed with astrology deets —a literal gift from the Sun: Clarity, and an forthcoming Ascension adventure filled with blessings, opportunities to rise (from the Eclipse season purgatory lord Gawd) and to do right by our inner child and our healing courtesy of the Super Black Moon, the Leo Sun, Leo Venus, Jupiter, and the Aquarian Full moon energies during this portal.

The 8/8 Lightcodes & Aquarius Full Moon

The reoccurring symbolism of pyramids in the messages is powerful. On a historical and metaphysical level, Lion’s Gate is a portal of energetic access to light codes, or your higher consciousness, vision, your destiny timeline, from your energetic anatomy being activated, allowing more connectedness to your higher self, the astral realm, and etheric bodies.

We are at the threshold, warring to settle more firmly into the Aquarian Age—the New Age. Which is actually just...freedom. And reverent reclaiming of ancient sacred-secular knowing and soul connection within the context of it having been repressed, exploited, colonized. Now being re-colonized with complex AF capitalist power dynamics and new evils. That’s why history is important. To know and remember. But education and spiritual Enlightenment is a war zone. Being exposed more and more. But if we remember, we know it’s what began the war. If we remember, we see the ways ancient knowledge remains- like Pyramids- and can be reactivated by the Suns, seeking, and healing. So now more than ever you have to be a seeker and senser of truth and bullshit. Which begins by understanding your own bullshit through shadow work and your own truth through healing. Book sessions here.

BTW, Did you catch the codes in Dear White People? Lionsgate Films? The message about power, secret societies, and corrupt educators/icons through the pyramid metaphor in the plot???

Lion’s Gate is represented by 8/8, 8 being an important number energy connected to karma, the rebel, the spiritual warrior, the messenger, creator of new worlds, and in the case of 88, a number signaling endings to significant phases of life.

For instance, my past life records show I have a karmic role as a messenger in my lifetimes, also am life path number 8—the rebel spiritual warrior. It means particular karmic lessons/patterns in the Matrix shows up as crossroads of trusting my own wisdom as it’s connected to past lives, history, lineages, the etheric realm, and the new age at all costs. Coupled with my extra-sensory shit, it means an acute sense of bullshit in all forms but particularly authority figures, teachers, etc., in the matrix and rebellion against tyrants, albeit gracefully. It’s meant being a particular trigger to people who don’t live in their truths just via living in my own, choosing to create my own world from my authority and worldview when this one doesn’t cater to a Sister Outsider. A Sula. A world that tries its damnedest to eclipse their powers because their power and truths turn the world upside down. Rest in power to Audre Lorde (an Aquarius) and Toni Morrison. Who helped me to understand myself and these truths over and over. Toni Morrison passed at 88- a significant ending. Ascending having done the work to lead us to this crossroads if we’ve heeded her brilliance, heart, honesty, and daring ways of being. Similar to Audre.

This path has also meant accepting and grounding myself as an Indigo Love Child of the Universe where my particular cosmic and Clair ways of channeling show up in ways that just don’t look and feel like anyone else either—tapped into just about all hermetic vibrations. That this fact and my identities makes me a Sister Outsider. Sure. But also Wavy AF. A gift. A mix of cross-cultural ancient wisdom and New Age approach. A part of my path. Descendant of Ra, Atum, Wedjet, Hathor, Isis, Sekmet, Nefertiti too. Where the clients I’ve had of Egyptian descent over the past few months were women (one a Leo) of divine feminine strength, passion and depth, who found a deep resonance with me. Who were some of the kindest women, and were actually sent to bestow me blessings and confirmations of my path and an aspect of this lineage in the exchange. Synchronicities. This happens often—you all are blessings to me too <3

Nefertiti, great King and spiritual revolutionary for worshipping the Sun snd smiting enemies found her way around my neck wrapped in gold. Close to my heart. I wear it always. Where she and my heart spoke to the women so loudly when we met. Encircling our sessions with a love, clarity and comraderie I’ll never forget. A moment of meeting a divine sister and mother. Before being on our way again. The point is, there are levels and messages in history and synchronicities. There are depths to you and your power, soul family outside of your biological family, and ancestral/cosmic support you’ve not imagined.

The significance of this Life path 8 and Aquarius/Uranus energy portal being on the brink of Virgo season is needing to ground the enlightened work still left to be done. So this Full Moon, sit with these prompts:

How will you help carry the torch of the way showers? The rebels? The Brave ones? What do you still need to learn and heal? Eclipse season bout drowned us bih. But it was to purge. So we can learn to be Water-bearers. How much of yourself have you come home to? Do you meditate? Have your remembered? Are you self-empowered? To maybe fulfill your destiny? To help push us forward in creating a new Earth, helping the Earth rebirth and helping society renew? Being the change? Linking with other change-makers? Seeking healers? Choosing self-preservation and ascension over habits, people, places that want to keep you stuck in bondage? With this Aquarius Full Moon you should question. You should seek. And Understand your connection to the past and the infinite.

Check out this month’s readings—If you look at this month’s Youtube readings, you also know that the work is never done. We will always have healing to do. Check out this Month’s Wellness Tarot too-it’s such a rich reading. Some of us are at different levels in our journey. The point is it’s never too late to start, to get it right, to rewrite. But you can’t have any fear of darkness, accountability, or vulnerability. And must build a reverence for it. That’s what we call ritual. 8/8 will be an extremely powerful time for ritual. As it will on August 11th when Jupiter, our planet of expansion goes direct. Join me for a Lion’s Gate Healing and Manifestation ritual at 8:00 EST. The ritual service has been happening every night since the New Moon, and will last through August 11th. Newsletter subscribers/ Le Coven received first announcements to take advantage of New Moon energies. When you purchase, you’ll receive instructional details.

Stream the sounds while you journal. Join me in the light. 💫🦁🌞🔮👁