"FEVER"--Scorpio/Sag Full Moon X "Gemini" Season: Tarot Angel Soundscape Forecast


Angel Number 511

Soundscapes for Emotional Alchemy: Fever by Meg thee Stallion + Gemini by Tay Iwar 

The Stars + The Cards

Beginning May 17th, the last 3 nights I woke up from lucid, dark dreams to the freshest drop of Southern ratchet “getcho ass up,” “Bad Bitch” music by none other than Megan THEE Stallion 🙌🏾.

My dreams were lucid, dark, and vivid. A deep sleep that didn’t feel comatose, but that was fluid and that allowed me to still wander and witness the thematic content that swam within the dark waters of my subconscious with a calm detachment vs fear or triggered emotion— a scene about staying with a family member and not having my own place, grief from death, forbidden sex, experiencing and witnessing unconsented sex, knowing white supremacists continue to strip abortion rights to have control over poor people of color’s bodies, cooking seafood— and having left some type of fish out too long before cooking it that it went bad and sprouted mystical tentacles, visiting a dark wooden clean but grungy tattoo studio that had black hardware accents for the doorknob, for the wall decor of dark occult symbols, and for the tattoo equipment. I sat in the one chair in the dark corner while some white guys walked in- the artist who wore a black shirt, the one who was getting a tattoo for the first time and who was being fraternally coaxed by the 2 others who donned bald heads and also wore black T-shirts. While they laughed and turned on some muted rock music, convincing newbie to have a seat, and when the tattoo needle started to buzz, I slipped out of the room. But it was a building with many floors and businesses. I slipped out and placed a call to my lawyer to ask her a business question, while going down the winding black stairs to exit the building, but ran into her on one of the floors. We giggled, waved at each other while I continued to my car and kept the call. And I kept the vision of how beautiful she was... dark skin, sharp, with the PHattest ass. 

I was in between realms. I sensed and telepathically called things into existence with my mind. Woke up to some messages from Spirit. Drifted back to sleep. Processed semi-consciously. I turned on Fever to get up, to shake my ass, and thought “It feels like a time to be prepared for the unknown”- if that’s possible.

This FULL MOON reaches fullness over the course of May 17-20th in the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, but officially stationed yesterday, on Saturday, May 18, 2019, at 5:11 PM EDT. At that time the Sun in Taurus opposed the Moon in Scorpio before slipping into Sag at 9:21pm. 

Slutist Tarot

Slutist Tarot

What I noted so far about this Full Moon from my experience as a highly sensitive —tells you something about the energies at play. There is no Tarot reading for this post to give a way forward—you’ll have to book those. However, the Tarot card resonant with this meditation is the Death Card, which is associated with the sign Scorpio, from the Slutist Tarot. Scorpio is the fixed water sign ruled by Pluto—the rulers of the underworld, of intense emotional and sexual depths correlated to an ability to dwell in and hold space for grief, death, darkness, taboos, and sexual passion and temptations; and often directed toward understanding and transforming it—sometimes through destruction—for rebirth. Or kink wink wink! It’s symbolic color is Black, and it’s ruling house is the 8th, of shared intimacy, resources, and property, sentimental loss, deep inquiry and deep healing. 

Collectively, it’s possible to have felt or feel during the next few days intense emotion regarding things you locked in your subconscious, and even intuitive nudges about a life calling, secrets, enemies who’ve been hiding in plain site, and relationships, dilemmas, circumstances that have an expiration date or that should be chosen and transformed in spite of taboos. 

Your task is to not judge it. Or ignore it. To face it. To practice radical compassion and acceptance, and grieve the things that need to die. Or prepare to go to war to stand up to dark forces, to transmute and/or destroy them, and claim your truth, possessions, and happiness for transformation and expansion. 

Journal prompt:

What intuitive nudges or messages have I been feeling deeply lately? Have any been reoccurring? Which have I been ignoring? Why? Am I showing signs of resistance to accept something, or fear in choosing? Is it linked to a fear of the unknown?   Fear of fully feeling and experiencing consequences? Whether you’d be materially and financially supported with regard to what you choose? Or is it a subconscious judgement? 

In addition to Uranus in Taurus causing us to question our senses of emotional, material, and financial means of security, The Taurus-Scorpio polarity energizes these concerns about choosing oneself, and transforming personal worth into material worth without fear of what you’re losing by walking away from shared resources VS choosing shared potential/resources and the risks, toxicity, co-dependency or abuse that could ensue and be leveraged because of ego, power, and more “seeming” grounded security. 

It comes down to what needs to be transformed? And what changes can you trust to be made? Whether and to what extent you can trust some things outside of yourself? How much you trust yourself to be what you need? What is long-lasting? And what is simply a temptation? 

As of the 15th, Venus is in Taurus until June 8th and Mars is in Cancer until early July. These can make us indulgent in pleasure and material possessions, possessive, and passive aggressive or beautifully vulnerable and kind in communication. We also have a number of Venus aspects between May 17th-21st—the beginning of Gemini season- that will make self-deception, confusion, deception in/about relationships very high. 

What will you choose? Choose wisely.

Choose with your intuition, head and heart. Gemini season will offer some clarity. In the meantime, with this Scorpio/Sag Full Moon and Venus in Taurus energy, do your shadow work around these questions, get into your own pleasures, and resources about pleasure, healthy consent and power dynamics; and Book consultations with me— I had a full day of readings yesterday all about these issues— and check out your May Wellness Tarot for your sun, moon, and rising sing for help with all of the above 💫

Soundscapes to help coax and feel through confusion about trials and trust in relationships and the shadow work activations in this post is Tay Iwar’s AMAZING album GEMINI. I could go on an on about how beautiful and resonant this album is for the messages channeled here—plus the synchronistic name? Well, that’s the magic 💫 Iwar’s album chronicles the ups, downs, losses of relationships in a way that captures the raw emotion of what these look and feel like in twin flame and soul mate connections—the terrain we’re dealing with. Where the songs like “STRANGER” and “HOW” capture the ambivalence of making decisions based on sexual desire vs. your rational mind and considering all sides of things like a Gemini. To “MONICA,” where he sings “I fell in love with you and I almost died. I fell in love with you and I lost my life.” Fucking gut punch to the heart. He speaks of what it means to be triggered, to be “FOOLS,” the moments of finding resolve with walking away in “SPACE” and “ITS OKAY,” where he softly sings “not alone but lonely.

He makes me swoon. Warning, you will loop this. And be in your feelings. And you should. DO THE WORK.

To get back into your power and pleasure linked to these themes, check Megan Thee Stallion’s FEVER 🙌🏾. Give this Pimp Goddess her coint and Brown liquor. Pronto 👏🏾 Not only does Meg capture the bravado of aggressive femme sexual authority and confidence, but my Southern sis encourages us to “dance,” shake our ass and do “Ratchet Shit” with our friendsss. OH, THERE’S MORE lol. But for the sake of transmutation and not leading you to make your situations worssssseeee….dbkajbfkjf

The Signs Scorpio and Sagittarius correlate with our genital areas. Scorpio rules our genitals, anus, rectum, bladder, sweat glands, and the excretory system, while Sag rules the thighs, hips, and the muscular system. So on a literal level, listen to Fever. Shake ya ass. Sweat. Let some shit go. Release through some sensual play. Get to the bag. And take the lessons because what hasn’t killed you will make you stronger.

The Angels

Angel Number 511 tells of these current and upcoming changes in your life being karmic, in a way for you to release old and negative habits, patterns, and beliefs so that you can bring in those people, opportunities and experiences best for you. Your angels and guides support and surround you with love and healing, so just remain positive and courageous. This is a time to seek personal freedom in alignment with your Divine purpose.