“HOMECOMING”—LIBRA/SCORPIO FULL MOON x Taurus Season: Tarot, Angel, Soundscape Forecast


The Stars 

While the last full moon passed through both Virgo and Libra, for this full moon we experience the powerful themes and subconscious illuminations correlated with the moon passing through both Libra and Scorpio between April 17-21st. In my previous Libra Moon post, I mentioned March would be replete with lots of etheric influence instructing we slow down and travel deeply into our subconscious to examine and exhume traumas, fears, and many facets of negativity and karmic bondage that inhibits our elevation, while instructing we also tap into our intuitive powers and greatest creative dreams to turn into reality with the help of Mars energy. This was largely due to the abundance of Pisces influence in the stars—We experienced influence of the Pisces sun, Mercury retrograde in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces—as well as Uranus having moved into Taurus, and Chiron—the asteroid of concealed trauma— plus the Sun moving into Aries. The moon’s travels back through Virgo into Libra last month, while reaching its Supermoon fullness gave us an opportunity for ever more review of our personal desires and goals and relationship desires and goals similar to that Virgo Full Moon. But particularly, it granted the last bit of insight into all that needed to be transmuted in our career paths, our ways of relating, and our relationships for Spring cleaning—which we’ve been doing during this Aries season.  Faced with shadow lessons of how to balance and temper the ego for compassionate connection and our advancement.

Over the past few weeks, the Aries Sun energy helped us move forward in making necessary and courageous changes and decisions for our personal highest good after the planetary Pisces influences enthralled us in illusions while navigating twin flame and soul tie entanglements. In addition to the fiery Sun energy helping us take initiative, Mars entering Gemini on March 31st helped us tap into a bit of clarity in thought and honest expression of things we may have been hesitant to release or express, presenting an opportunity to either make big breaks from toxic relationships and spaces or do the hard work of accepting, changing, and integrating shadow aspects and lessons that have been revealed, in order to salvage and correct the foundations of seeming soulmate relationships. And I have to say, this theme literally appeared in all of my readings with clients! It was break up season and the season to make big transformations in career. This hasn’t been cordoned off to just intimate or romantic relationships either. Particular squares between the Moon and Mercury in Pisces, as well as between the Aries Sun and Saturn and Pluto have triggered heaviness, and awareness of areas where we still have healing to do—wounds with toxic parenting— and has highlighted our responsibility to be empowered in doing that work of deading + rebirthing. That work to confront cracks in unstable foundations we thought we had healed to finally get to the root and insert more care, love, compassion, beauty, and grace (See my Daily Astro-Tarot-Angel Instagram meditation for 4/10).

In a nutshell, it’s a been a season of tower moments, in terms of thinking about the meaning of the Tower card in tarot decks, where the Tower and these kinds of squares feel challenging but are opportunities to uproot things that were bound to be unsustainable with terrible foundations, and supplant them with something better. And we can think of Aries season as having been a time of tapping into personal power to move in the direction of our passion and sovereignty—the quintessential influence of Aries energy. 

Recent transitions help us continue in this vein of truth, courage, and moving in the direction of our authentic desires, erotic sovereignty (see my recently published work) and material security. As of Wednesday, April 17th, Mercury has now moved into Aries which can make our communication honest, blunt and heartfelt. On April 20th, Shortly after the Sun enters Taurus, Venus also enters Aries. So let’s just say, it’ll be a time of testing what has longevity potential in terms of relationships and career opportunities/directions, versus what are fleeting pleasures and amusements. Our major outer planets like Pluto and Saturn stationing retrograde in a few days will also have us in continuous revision and release of things that aren’t in alignment with our careers and personal growth. 

And ultimately, while the Virgo/Libra moon brought up shadow lessons, judgements, and endings around our harvest and relationships, and Aries season called for “Spring cleaning….[and] to settle into that balanced void of becoming,” this Libra/Scorpio Full Moon x Taurus Season welcomes in our “Homecoming”—a chance to ground and build a stable home/course based on who we are now and those recent decisions we’ve made. But as we’re faced with revisiting those Libra shadow lessons about relating, relationships, and straddling the fence, you may experience people and situations circling back, or you may circle back for closure yourself, “Before you let go.” CUE THE GAHDDAMN YONCE’ OK! THANK YOU B!


There really ain’t nothin like them country girls and the labor of Black Southern women.

Beyonce’s Homecoming Netflix documentary and live album were released yesterday, April 17th, the day the moon reached fullness in Libra, and has left us reeling with her newfound security, openness, and graciousness in revealing her Black woman humanity, easygoing yet spiritual personality, and mother-Goddess labor that undergirds the artistic perfections and illusions we’ve been used to seeing on face value. Here’s the magic in the details: 

Did you know that Beyonce has a Virgo Sun; Libra Rising; Mercury-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn-AND Pluto in Libra; followed by her moon and Lilith (her dark goddess) in Scorpio; and her Mars and North Node in Leo? Aside from it perhaps saying that Virgos and Leos could stand to rethink some of the ways they claim primary likeness to many of Beyonce’s dominant personality traits because her chart is primary Venusian Air + Water influence (shade, but yes lol—Virgos y’all really aint as sexual, brave and unapologetic, or the only ones who work hard and Leos y’all really ain’t as humble, easygoing, or private), her story and catalogue have a magical synchronicity with the moods and thematic lessons of the recent course of Full moons traveling from Virgo-Libra-Scorpio, and how astrologically, Taurus season is very much a Homecoming.

The Venusian and Pluto energy of this Full Moon, and the Sun’s transition from Aries season into Taurus season asks us to revisit our relationship to trust, courageous honesty, taking accountability for wrongdoings or deception, forgiveness, peace, pettiness, and vengeance in our relationships and any other dealings. If feeling dissatisfied and unsure in career and life purpose, it might ask us to assess whether we’ve actually been brave in authenticity, been settling and being shortchanged because we need to step into our worth and confidence, have done the hard work to reap rewards and flex, or have been banking on appearances or likability and stand to be exposed. In any case, we’ll be tasked with getting honest with ourselves, being in touch with our self-love and integrity, and making sure we’re right or have done all we can do before letting go to grow in this period of continuous death and rebirth, review and re-establishing. 

The Cards

The Angels 

Angel Number 811 is channeled for this reading and corresponds with everything that was channeled via the stars (including music stars) and the cards. While 11 is a Master number that correlates to new beginnings, intuition, mystic enlightenment, and spiritual activities correlated with our crown like positive thinking and visualization, 8 is a number correlated to: self-confidence, personal power and authority, giving and receiving, truth and integrity, practicality, dependability and self-reliance, while manifesting abundance, while it also relates to the concept and the spiritual laws of karmic judgment.

811 tells you to tap into your inner knowing and practices of positive affirmations to define who you are, how you live your life, or what you are capable of. Moving forward, like the cards mentioned, it’ll be important to let your innate desires and authenticity determine your own standards, values, your voice, your choices and decisions. It says to “step up and embrace your own powers of creation” (Sacred Scribes).


What things can you do to make you feel more at home in your body and your present course in life?

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xo, TWG