"Fancy, No Limits"- Libra Super Moon x Aries Season: Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Forecast

Angel Number 155

Soundscapes for Emotional Alchemy: “Fancy” by The Dream + “No Limits” by Danileigh

Welcoming in the Spring Equinox


The Stars

We’re at the apex of the magical month of March, which has been replete with lots of etheric influence instructing we slow down and travel deeply into our subconscious to examine and exhume traumas, fears, and many facets of negativity and karmic bondage that inhibits our elevation, while instructing we also tap into our intuitive powers and greatest creative dreams to turn into reality. From the influence of the Pisces sun, Mercury retrograde in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus having moved into Taurus, and Chiron and the Sun moving into Aries, indeed, March is a magical drift. However, the moon’s travels back through Virgo into Libra while reaching its Supermoon fullness seeks to give us an opportunity for ever more review of our desires and goals, the last bit of insight into all that must be transmuted for Spring cleaning, review of how to balance and temper the ego for compassionate connection, and to just settle into the balanced void of becoming. That period of wait and see. That period of moving with divine timing, even in what seems like stillness. Conception. Creation. Rebirthing. Balance. Something I know intimately. 


My birthday is on this year’s Full Moon- March 21st. Happy Birthday TWG! My birthday shifts as the first day of Spring, the time of spring equinox reckoning and reset, from which we then begin Aries season/the astrological new year. I am of the void of subconscious truths and creative inspiration, of that celestial sphere in touch with mystery and the elements, the balance of the north and south, the high and low, feminine-masculine, the light and dark, grace and grit. Seamless blend of witch, goddess, warrior. That’s what it all means.

This month, this time, this convergence of planetary influences, is forcing us to cultivate gratitude vs judgement or comparison, and adaptability vs resentment or impatience for processes of transformation. And if you’ve been succumbing to any of the latter, know that it’s most likely the source of any pain, discomfort, sadness. This is the lesson we can lean into from the opposition between the Libra Full Moon and Aries Sun. When integrated, we can observe, absorb, and appreciate the beauty of the world transforming. The beauty of harmony happening. The beauty of the balancing of scales. We can appreciate and respect the slow steadiness of preparation, the labor of unique creative cultivation, and appreciate, respect and honor ever-more the beauty of its bloom. We can appreciate and respect the fierceness and courage it takes to bloom and burst forward and break through old paradigms with a “golden heart and rebel fist” (the script of my tattoo)—something Aries teaches everyone. Welcome.

Astro-Tarot Shadow Lessons

The cards compliment and deepen this lesson in such a magical way (!) with The Moon, The Sun, and 2 of Cups being a literal representation of the Sun and Moon in opposition, and the ways it coincides with the Spring equinox balancing day and night, the light and the dark, and the previously mentioned Aries and Libra lessons of integration and becoming. How the Libra moon energy is calling us to tap into the beauty, appreciation, and compassion for how things work together and eventually work out. How we know the (Aries) Sun and all it represents—pure creative fire energy, joy, happiness, adventure, light, abundance—is in the near distance and in sight. With the next row of cards—the Knight of Swords, The Chariot, and the Star— showcasing the essence of Aries energy and what the season brings: inspired action, confidence, successful defeat of challenges and conquering of goals after and as renewal, rebirth, and healing. Have mercy! Get into it. 


Importantly, the tarot messages that aspect this constellation show us at the crossroads in contemplation—still cultivating careful compassion in our communication, and patience with long term plans while still in mercury retrograde in Pisces. But nevertheless walking confidently in the direction of all the abundant newness of this Aries spring energy and achievement that will appear in divine timing, after doing such deep internal and external clearing and planning. We’re asked to take stock of what we’ve done and achieved while being open to more. To use this dynamic energy to break with outdated traditions, ideologies, philosophies, leaders, and groups, instead getting in alignment with more compassionate spiritual practices and groups not built on hate and fear. Knowing that this is an initiation, and universal planetary call to ascend. To a fancier way of living, creating, and loving out loud. That fancies our collective highest good. And for many of us, we wielding Empress energy. “No limits.” 


*Cue my all-time favorite track, “Fancy,” by The Dream, followed by DaniLeigh’s new track, “No Limits,” where The Dream captures this beautiful build up- in the story and sonics- of appreciating a beautiful femme made of sunshine, beauty, and grit who used the beauty, essence, and power of her being “to make her way from nothing.” And who’s deserving of abundance. And where Danileigh, a spitball of uniqueness, youth, fire, confidence, Empress energy and casual cool, defies limits in her career at such a young age, with tracks like “No Limits” matching the frequency. But while she owns her talents and her hard work, she does so with playfulness, inviting in community to her new wave, but holding up boundaries for the fake ones, and offering songs and a spirit that ultimately encourages all to “Dance with Dani” (love her!) but to the beat of their own drum.

The Angels

Similarly, the angel number channelled for this reading is 155- wowzaaaaaa—which is a number that’s all about stepping into newness and major life change with courage, positive thoughts, visualization, and freedom to live your life purpose, and follow your hear’s desires and soul callings no matter what others think or say! It’s a power number of taking charge of your destiny, to follow your own intuitive guidance and life compass, knowing that after this long long period of going through the depth, that you deserve the positive things that will be entering your life. And similar to the justice-minded Aries, while you should take charge and go your own way, it asks us to consider how the changes will benefit others. But ultimately, it asks us to trust impending changes, and begin all of the new things we’ve been dreaming up throughout the harvest season and Pisces season. Have the courage to defy limits. In fact, “fancy no limits.”