"Prosper, Bountiful, Caged Birds”—Virgo Full Moon X Pisces Season: Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Forecast

Angel Number 644

Soundscapes for Emotional Alchemy: Tobe Nwigwe’s Prosper, Bountiful, Caged Birds (2019)

Image from Greg Rakowsky

Image from Greg Rakowsky

Image from tobenwigwe.com

Image from tobenwigwe.com

The thing about the full moon and its connection to water and us, is that as energetic beings who are connected to the stars and made up primarily of water, we start feeling the emotional effects for days and hours leading up to the actual full moon. Not only is a full moon generally a product of the moon being fully illuminated by the sun, but in astrologer-speak, the emotional and experiential tensions we feel from things that get illuminated in our subconscious, are emblematic of the Sun and Full Moon being in opposition. Oppositions give us things to work through. And we do this through shadow-work. 

One of the ways I work with astrology, tarot, sound, and healing modalities in client consultations, and through full moon forecasts, is via trauma-informed shadow work coaching. I believe for healing to be effective, it’s important to start with an expansive understanding that goes to the root—how the things we experience, and ways we feel well or not often corresponds to the planetary, energetic themes and lessons we’re being asked to master for soul evolution and more ease. And when we’re able to understand what’s happening in both the conscious and subconscious, as well as how we’re influenced by something greater than us, the government, and society, we can do the work to be in harmony with it for our greater good. We can achieve sovereignty. And whatever kind of success that matters to us. Additionally, through shadow work, full moon phases allow us to release and transmute past energy and dark energy so that we may invite new energy to take its place in our lives.

It is officially Pisces season, the season of the fish, and of Neptune influence. Additionally, the Virgo Full Moon stationed today, February 19th at 10:53am EST.

Like other forecasts, I looked to Tarot, the stars (including music stars), and the angels to ask:  what are the thematic lessons up for the collective to master and integrate this Virgo Super Moon + Pisces season? What do we need to learn, release, integrate toward ushering in positive change for our highest good? And in this case, to be free of things that make us feel like Caged Birds, in order to Prosper and be Bountiful?

Let’s get into it.

Astro-Tarot Shadow Lessons

The Stars: Coalescing with Pisces Season, this Virgo Full Moon is another Super Full Moon—but, the Super Full Moon that comes in closest proximity to the earth out of all others the entire year! This means that in addition to the Virgo Full Moon illuminating and exposing ways we need to purge, refine, and purify serpents, habits, and routines that affect work, health, the bounty of our harvest, and our larger Piscean dreams, it’s likely to have experienced, or to experience cataclysmic revelations and intense energetic downloads that have the potential to reveal much about the divine course of our lives this week. Revelations that confirm your deepening intuition, and that confirm prior nudges or inklings about work and your well-being you chose to ignore. Spiritual and mystical revelations and experiences that allow us break free of anything and anyone that’s held us back, and attempted to inhibit our flow. As essentially a galactic opportunity for shadow work/purification to ascend, encouraged by the influences of the Neptune who rules the deep subconscious and of Virgo— we may seek or find better understanding of past-in-present karmic patterns and lessons, addictions, and come to revelations of evils and wrongdoings from others that have been lurking and need to be expunged. 

Purification is the theme of this reading—but in a very real and deep sense pertaining to the stars, the cards, and the etymology of the word.

Purification means “the removal of contaminants; the process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean;” and while it can happen in a number of ways and pertain to various contexts, it does require consciousness of the contaminants and evils—a consciousness and process tied to reflection and contemplation (Dictionary, Apple, Inc.).


The Cards: The cards pulled for this Full Moon give crystal clear synchronistic affirmation of the themessss BITCH. The Devil + Page of Swords reversed denote inner subconscious revelations of past-in-present karmic patterns and lessons, addictions, evils and wrongdoings that need to be expunged; as well as people, places and things we are to walk away from to reap the full benefits of the seeds we’ve sown and tended to over the past year, and to realize our purpose and larger visions for ourselves in relationship to the world. Judgement reminds us of our ability to find absolution and to overcome. That we have the forces of our guides, angels, and the universe behind us granting us this information, protection, and direction. The presence of so many wands, 6 + Ace + 8 of Wands, shows us movement and improvement—spiritual and creative—towards achievements, recognition, successes, good news of new beginnings; towards spaces that are more affirming and a match for all you have to offer; toward spaces and opportunities for bringing to life an idea or inspiration you’ve been wanting to; toward upcoming opportunities that come in at a fast-pace, or that require efficient skill or travel.

And related to the abundance of awakening and movement characterized by wands, Chiron’s recent move to Aries helps us beef up our self-confidence, bravery, and self- love to overcome insecurity, low motivation, and work on health issues—hopefully aiding in work-life balance. But reiterating the appearance of the Devil + shadow work needed to accompany this boost, here are some things to consider as you journal related to shadow aspects of Virgo and Pisces:

What are the things that keep you caged and that prohibit fullness of your prosperity and a bountiful harvest? What parts are external and internal? Are you using your discernment as your compass? How does insecurity and perfectionism, keep you caged, stuck, mired in low vibrations or judgement? What’s at the root of your insecurities and fear of failure? Are you placing too much dependence on material things as your motivation or confirmation of self-worth? Why is it that you don’t feel you’re enough and worthy of love all on your own? As your birthright? Was it early childhood experiences that set a precedent for the ways you were expected to behave, to present or appear in order to receive love, attention, and praise? 

What things can you implement in your mindfulness and work routines to help you embrace purpose vs. perfection; patience, diligence, and dedication vs. escapism?

The Angels: Angel number 644 encourages you to “see yourself in a higher light” and to know that the stars and angels are helping to up your confidence. It means that too much emphasis is on the material world versus staying grounded, and relying on authenticity, your own visions and brilliance, and your own track record of hard work and determination from the past. Also important to note that evil measures and trying to succeed with others’ ideas, visions, and essence won’t work. Neither will worry and stress. Only consistency and self belief. And for Pisces season, its essential to tap into that sweet spot of spirit guidance, keen discernment, and diligence to reach goals, being mindful not to place too much stock into unrealistic goals and dreams from our Piscean imagination.

"Prosper, Bountiful, Caged BirdsTobe Nwigwe is Southern Sauce. The diasporic, authentic, Houston, Texas kind. With a heavy prophetic drip. And his 2019 releases are the perfect soundscapes for the collective’s themes and for emotional alchemy, with Caged Birds being released only 2 days ago.

Image from tobenwigwe.com

Image from tobenwigwe.com

From his bio: “Tobe Nwigwe is an enigma. The lyrics and tone of his music tell the story of a difficult upbringing in Alief, TX. Like other rappers who grew up in the proverbial hood, Tobe’s autobiographical tracks conjure images of gang violence, drug deals, pimps and prostitution. The authenticity in his work is palpable. Still, the man is a beacon of positivity and graciousness. The same songs that describe shootouts and the loss of childhood friends also speak on the power of faith and the importance of purpose.

Tobe has a singular goal in life: “to make purpose popular.” The first-generation-Nigerian kid from Alief (Houston, TX) who had a scholarship to play college ball and dreams of playing in the NFL, saw those dreams dashed by a career-ending knee injury his senior year. In his despair, he turned to his faith and found a new calling; he would teach others to “move through purpose.” Long before he ever put pen to paper and called himself a rapper, Tobe was speaking to rooms full of students through his self-started nonprofit foundation, TEAM GINI, educating them on the merits of a purpose-driven existence. Through tremendous consistency and execution, Tobe has attracted fans across the globe, including culture heavy-weights: Erykah Badu, Sway Calloway and Dave Chappelle.”

On theme, in his song “Caged Bird,” he raps:

We all searching for affirmation
Some sheeple wander the atlas for validation
And valid statements from those who never will validate 'em
I pray I navigate 'em to a fortress where congregating with angels is the norm
You pray and they perform
Immaculate miracles to help you evade the storm
Of vipers, snipers, and every wicked form
Of evil that's been tryna deceive you since you was born

Co-written by partnering producer, LaNell Grant, she raps:

I'm just maneuvering on the serpents head
Swear I tread on the skull of my enemies
And I'm quadrupling anything that I touch
If it's milk and honey dummy, I'm the honey bee buzzin'

….I lose sleep putting feet to the pavement
And grindin' like a power tool or axe
Refinin' everything I do on wax
My time is near and I refuse to lack
The Shine which only a diamond can match

And his songs Bountiful and Prosper reiterate the faith, self-belief, and insurmountable talent it takes to break free, stay protected, and achieve goals amidst adversity—in particular the adversity of being a dark-skin, Black, and independent creative with a mission of purpose:

From “Bountiful”:

“I’m an observer, I use discernment, but I still keep me a burner

Cause Lucy determined he want me burnin'

But I be at peace in the furnace, ouu

Yuh, every flow be a sermon, I got raps like a turban.”

“My flow is bountiful, low-key insurmountable.”

From “Prosper”:

“I spoke to Yahweh I've been meditating

He told me that heaven’s waiting I told him I'm hesitating on some thangs

He told me kinfolk don't be foolish get your mind right

You finite and all that procrastinating going to keep you chained to the mindset of the folk the be less fortunate cause they love conforming with a group that be in low frequencies

And I know when people see my authenticity it’s hard to conceive ”

He reigns as a true testament of how the lessons for this reading can and will pay off. Happy journeying this Full Moon and Pisces season. Check in with my Youtube for more guidance and inspiration. Send me offerings of appreciation if you’re inclined.

And take these words from Tobe with you:

“May you prosper as your soul prospers

May your heart forever be in posture

To receive the mercy

And the glory from above

May you prosper as your soul prospers

May your heart forever be in posture

To receive the mercy

And the glory from above”

Get tickets for Tobe’s Spring 2019 Tour here : https://www.tobenwigwe.com/spring-2019-tour

Check out all of his links here for access to all of his music, videos and merch!

xo, TWG

Tay Glover