“Outer Peace”- Leo Super Blood Moon x Aquarius Season: Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Forecast

Outer Peace album art by Toro Y Moi.

Outer Peace album art by Toro Y Moi.

Angel Number 555

Soundscape for Emotional Alchemy: Outer Peace by Toro y Moi 

The thing about the full moon and its connection to water and us, is that as energetic beings who are connected to the stars and made up primarily of water, we start feeling the emotional effects for days and hours leading up to the actual full moon. Not only is a full moon generally a product of the moon being fully illuminated by the sun, but in astrologer-speak, the emotional and experiential tensions we feel from things that get illuminated in our subconscious, are emblematic of the Sun and Full Moon being in opposition. Oppositions give us things to work through. And we do this through shadow-work. 

One of the ways I work with astrology, tarot, sound, and healing modalities in client consultations, and through full moon forecasts, is via trauma-informed shadow work coaching. I believe for healing to be effective, it’s important to start with an expansive understanding that goes to the root—how the things we experience, and ways we feel well or not often corresponds to the planetary, energetic themes and lessons we’re being asked to master for soul evolution and more ease. And when we’re able to understand what’s happening in both the conscious and subconscious, as well as how we’re influenced by something greater than us, the government, and society, we can do the work to be in harmony with it for our greater good. We can achieve sovereignty. And whatever kind of success that matters to us. Additionally, through shadow work, full moon phases allow us to release and transmute past energy and dark energy so that we may invite new energy to take its place in our lives.

This full moon takes place Jan. 21st at 12:15am EST, and is special because we will experience the convergence of “three lunar phenomena” : 1) the Full moon, 2) a total lunar eclipse, and 3) a super moon. 

Explained perfectly by Victoria Jaggard, “Lunar eclipses happen when the moon moves behind Earth, from the sun's perspective” and the moon is engulfed in Earth’s shadow. Total lunar eclipses, however, “can only happen when the moon is full, which means they can coincide with other full-moon phenomena, such as supermoons, blue moons, and harvest moons.” Total lunar eclipses are often called a Blood moon, themselves, because of the ways that the full moon turns red from the moon, the sun, and Earth lining up in a way for the moon to be completely swallowed up by the darkest part of the planet's shadow, where during totality, the lunar orb changes color and becomes yellow, ruddy orange, or even a deep crimson because the moon does not generate its own light. Instead of seeing moonlight, we really see reflected light from the sun. Lastly, this moon is also a supermoon—“a full moon… that nearly coincides with perigee—the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit—resulting in a slightly larger-than-usual apparent size of the lunar disk as viewed from Earth” (Wikipedia). 

And so here we are folks, with a Super Blood Moon! or a Super Wolf Blood Moon. Call it the Super Blood Wolf Lion Rottweiler Moon chile…


But most importantly, this explains why you might hear any astro-gal mention that this full moon and lunar eclipse is potent for making revelations, intentions, and changes toward your highest good. And you better listen. Lawd bless you. Every. one. Ok?

Like other forecasts, I looked to Tarot, the stars (including music stars), and the angels to ask:  what are the thematic lessons up for the collective to master and integrate this Leo Super Blood Moon + Aquarius season? What do we need to learn or release toward ushering in positive change for our highest good? And in this case, Outer Peace?

Let’s get into it. 

Astro-Tarot Shadow Lessons

The Stars: The Saturn-heavy astrology of late, and the astrology of the near future, continues to spotlight the ways we use, abuse, and experience power personally, interpersonally, and politically; as well as how our experiences and habits with regard to power and authority reverberate from our inner-child wounds, in our measure of integrity, in our confidence and self-security, in our aspirations, and in our ways of being in relation to others. These Saturn- heavy lessons and Jupiter wildcards have been happening alongside Plutonian influences that force us to grapple with how to responsibly use its intense potent intuitive and creative energies for positive self/greater transformation vs. low based paranoia and self or external destruction. 

Grappling with what we want to build, why and how, with or for whom, and what we do with opportunities and portals for change. 

With this in mind, the shadow lessons of the Leo Super Blood Moon, and our transition to Aquarius season ask us to overcome things like fear of our potential, fear of unbelonging, low integrity, and aimless attention-seeking efforts to use our personal power, “gifts, uniqueness, and talent” (in the words of RuPaul) toward our dreams, and in service of humanity.  

I can’t help but mention that the US government being run into the hole by Donald Dump has been the perfect case study of what goes wrong when someone has corrupt and destructive orientations to the lessons of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter—corrupt relations to power, narcissism, ego, empathy—emblazoned and emboldened by his Leo rising and a racist society. While his natal chart comes together as perfectly disturbing, his Leo Rising and Sagittarius Moon explain a lot about his knack for shamelessly being all talk, all ego, all lies, but still influential and expansive through “performing warmth,” shenanigans, and standing confidently in his immaturity, lack of qualifications, and his hateful philosophies. I digress…

Leo SuperMoon

The Cards: The Hermit + 6 of Swords + 6 of Cups tells the story of a character who has been in, or is called to enter into a critical period of introspection while in development, so that they can process major lessons and revelations concerning big life questions, as well as prepare to utilize their wisdom, talents, and gifts as they move into a new space and new set of circumstances. Quite literally, the Hermit in this AfroFuturist deck portrays a person standing on the rotating moon at the edge of higher consciousness and emotional intelligence in deep thought brought forth by the mix of shadow and light influences amidst the heavens, the moon, sun, and one’s experiences on Earth. It correlates to being at this critical midway point in the winter Harvest season, where we’re forced to review how stable and sustainable our foundations are, and what our central sources of inspiration are so that we can make the most of a critical turning point up before us —government foundations (fail); personal philosophies; the underlying aspirations, motivations, and habits that foundationally shape our goals and work-creative lives. We’re asked to reach a sense of closure with any unhappiness, disappointment, unsettling major events in our lives, or looming decisions. We’re faced with what to do with memories, inner child wounds, heavy emotions, or self-sabatoge from our past so that we can harness the fullness of our pure inner child-like energy (Leo influence) for creation and the pursuit of happiness. We’re asked to perhaps seek a community of support, a counselor or spiritual mentor for clarity on how to move forward if it seems hard in the moment. We can also expect to grapple with feelings of wanting connection with groups while also wanting alone time for goals and autonomy. What will be helpful is to be aware of what is at the core of moments you desire isolation vs. connection. And to not let romanticized ideas or nostalgia about people, relationships, or recent situations cloud you from seeking your truth, the best interest of all involved, or being realistic.

Are you doing that shadow Leo thing of giving or reaching for a goal for likeability or showmanship? Or creating and being in relation from a pure place of joy, magnetism, and inspired self-awareness? Are you doing that shadow Aquarius thing of detaching to avoid feelings, commitment, or rejection because you feel safest with your thoughts and creativity? Or integrating your eclectic intelligence with your core feeling nature so that you can have the meaningful relationships and humanitarian impact you dream of?

With the Hermit, we’re being called to elevate and stand more confidently in our spiritual development, integrity, and confidence in what we feel and know as our inner truths after a long period of questioning. Having learned important lessons, the cards ask us what we will do with the confirmations, truths, and wisdoms we’ve gained? 

The Chariot + Empress + The World are directives to use your magic, caring nature, and wisdom to blaze a trail and work determinedly towards your goals—no matter what stands in your way—because you can expect a really gratifying successful completion of a phase of self growth, of creative growth, of an endeavor, or journey that you’ve been working on for some time. Something that allows you to prove your unique capabilities + endurance to yourself, and birth a new way of being in the world. Whatever it is that you’ve been cultivating within and from your talent/inspiration, is the key to your expansion. And the theme of the this overall reading, is seeking expansion that needs to bring about peace. Closing the gap of separation between positive self-belief in your gifts, and the push of action required to manifest the things you dream in this moment and for the long-term. Having your inner peace, spark , and ideas reflect outward to fill your outer world with all the people, places, and opportune experiences that you need and desire and vice versa—you tuning out and tuning into the things that fill you up so that you might shine, flow, and grow into the fullness of your big being. 

The Angels: Angel Number 555 appears for this reading! Fun fact, 5:55pmEst will be the golden hour of the sun on the day of the Full Moon. While we are asked to harness the pure light energy of the sun, the potential expansiveness of Jupiter’s blessings, and the change of Uranus wth this astrology, Angel Number 555 carries similar vibrational messages of significant, necessary, and long-awaited changes happening and to be expected. Divine changes connected to choices and lessons learned that will put us in touch with personal freedom, opportunity and expansion, individuality, spontaneity, adventure, and curiosity. But that requires us to release anything that is no longer positively serving us—fear, confusion, doubt— so they can be replaced with ‘better’. Additionally, it’s a sign to keep an open mind about opportunities, and the new things entering your life even if their purpose isn’t clear just yet. Things are falling into place for you to live aligned with your purpose.

Outer Peace: Toroooooo y Moi has blessed us with his long anticipated album—released yesterday, Jan. 18th. I STAN. Along with his chill wave, electro-R&B sound featuring a disco-funk-pop flair, as a creative and an introvert, the project is on theme in giving us an upbeat, quirky, vibey, and contemplative soundscape for the energetic themes of this Leo Super Blood Moon x Aquarius season and for emotional alchemy.

Chaz named the album Outer Peace to speak the necessity of reaching peace within to achieve peace outside as a creative amidst the crazy shit going on in the world. The album is laced with songs from Chaz that contemplate change, identity crisis, connection, and desire; questioning one’s creative potential and grind; and reaching moments of resolve through confident self-awareness, acceptance, and choosing to follow one’s pleasure.

From the song “Who I Am” that questions identity, to “Fading” that speaks of letting things go, understanding that nothing lasts without effort, and that we should resolve to truth our efforts, to the song “Laws of the Universe” where Chaz speaks of the Laws of the Universe and his own opinions outweighing his doubts, we see the themes. In particular, the single, “Freelance” contemplates how technology and social media can weaken creativity, individuality, integrity, and connection, as well as drudge up unbelonging. A gem of resolve from the lyrics to hold onto is : “People tend to listen when they see your soul.”

Featuring 10 tracks, the whole album is amazing, and priceless to witness in concert while Chaz is on tour—I encourage you to go. Hearing Chaz encourage us to:

Maximize all the pleasure
Even with all this weather
Nothing can make it better
Maximize all the pleasure

while he dances around freely with psychedelic lights is such a light-hearted pick me up.

Stay inspired; stay connected to your integrity and personal truth; and water your growth for continued ascension.

Check out one of my favorite tracks: