"The Sweet Harvest"— Full Moon in Pisces X Virgo Season : Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Energy Forecast

King of Swords + 5 of Cups Reversed + Seven of Pentacles + The Star

Angel Number 433

Soundscape for emotional alchemy: Sweetener by Ariana Grande



This full moon in Pisces is characterized by many as the Harvest moon given that it appears in the brink of Virgo season. Essentially our sacred full moon time of going deep within our selves and with our guides to be reflexive about our spiritual-emotional-relatonship-financial growth and achievement, and our time to be reflexive about the meanings and effects of recent decisions, events and experiences in our lives, lines up during the beginning of Virgo season —a time characterized by devotion to work, revision, enterprising, and our harvest.

A time where we can experience both a powerful cleansing from our emotions by tapping into Piscean compassion and vulnerable self-acceptance to forgive ourselves and bounce back from errors, shortcomings, and shoulda-coulda-wouldas; and a purification that translates into wise action by way of the Virgo will to correct and perfect for abundance. If we step up and ride this wave from an empowered vs. fearful place, we’ll experience a sweet flow into uncharted territory and a faithful journey into abundance, characterized by taking on new adventures, jobs, opportunities to teach, commune, and shine from our expertise and our personalities, even though it takes us out of our comfort zone. We are in process. All of us. And we can choose to make it a sweet or antagonistic time of humbling and growing. Choose sweetness. Or sweetener. 


Aside from my Wavy Mix, which I highly suggest, an album that has been coaxing my energy right now is Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener. Mostly produced by Pharell, known to give us infectious eccentric beats and tracks that can succeed on pop and R&B charts, with Ariana’s tender vocals and musings about new success feeling so divinely orchestrated by the universe, about tapping into courage by reminding yourself of how talented you are to have earned your rewards, about indecision and confusion related to desires, it fits the tone of the energy and life tonic we’re being served by the universe right now as we review and revise to sow more seeds.

We’re coming off of a huge surge of Leo sun + solar eclipse energy amidst mercury retrograde, where our experiences and lessons—for better or worse—were ultimately for our highest good in pushing us into a new chapter in our lives, and into new selves. It proved to be a tumultuous, exciting, and action-filled time where many reaped rewards, met goals, cultivated opportunities, and had adventurous experiences aligned with their passions, their unique gifts, their callings, purpose, and their higher selves. It was tumultuous in the sense of the ways we were forced to reckon with the ways that spectrums of fear + ego + notions of lack have been playing within the shadows of our lives, affecting how we’ve sat on our potential and accepted less than we’re capable of before consciousness, how they’ve affected things like core motivations for our aspirations, our courage to take chances in new endeavors and get out of our comfort zone, and to be brave in being our truest and fullest selves. We got a taste of our potential and power. As well as insight into how we haven’t harnessed its fullness, and we may feel inclined to sulk from a bruised ego from all that Leo confidence we were trying on. Or look at the glass half empty as opposed to half full and be too hard on ourselves while reassessing our priorities and strategies. Yeah… that’s some shadow Virgo and Chiron shit. 


The title track, sweetener, begins with the chorus: 

When life deals us cards
Make everything taste like it is salt
Then you come through like the sweetener you are
To bring the bitter taste to a halt

That’s what this energy, our recent wave of experiences, and current lessons offers us: humbling reflection with a touch of sweetness.

Ariana’s single and collaboration with Nicki Minaj features the lyrics “The Light is coming to get back everything the darkness stole,” while she also sings of someone who doesn’t listen and tends to be a “know it all, trying not to glow at all.” The lyrics float atop the fresh, neptunian, astro-poppy production, while it all sonically captures this wavy astro- feminine energy right now of the current moon in Aquarius <-> Full Moon in Pisces + Virgo sun energy. 


Themes to meditate and journal on in the spirit of alchemy and with an intention for integrating this full moon is: “You have a light you cannot hide.” + Breathe. Lean into growth. Remember how much you’ve already achieved. Deeper: What is your relationship to breath? to responsibility? decision-making? How do you process feelings of inadequacy? 

King of Swords + 5 of Cups Reversed + Seven of Pentacles + The Star

The King of Swords appears as a sign of our ability to tap into clear thinking and suggests the need to use intellect, rational thinking, and expert advise and research to make informed decisions right now and through the New Moon. Aspecting the 5 of Cups reversed, it also reaffirms the ways that we are able to move around feelings of loss and disappointment to accept the lesson. The planets make a number of positive sextiles right now supporting our ability to prioritize thoughts and habits that help us in the areas of structure, responsibility, and transformation. This is important given the Seven of Pentacles, which implies that we can’t run away from the labor and responsibility required to harvest fruits. What are the habits, resources, skills, knowledge, you need to enlist to reach your goals? to have a strong foundation in your ventures? For you to execute your visions up to your new standards?

Angel Number 433 comes through to remind us we have worked very hard for the abundance we’ve manifested already, and that will appear soon in our future. Be open to them. Step into them knowing that you have the support of higher realms. The Star suggests renewal in self-confidence, self-trust, and using your intuition for direction. Positive and beautiful things await, but learn to understand and accept that strategy, discipline, and practice are required for incremental progress and growth in anything we do.

And that when we couple effort towards these principles, with our intuition, the inertia of swimming upstream towards unknowns becomes a super trippy, exciting, magical, viscerally cool and easeful experience of F L O W, witnessing unexpected beauty of new surroundings and encounters/opportunities, and being guided seamlessly while wrapped in something, a protection that we can’t see, but feel—spirit. 

It’s simple: Focus on the wonders of growth. Practice gratitude for the process and cue Ariana's tracks when you need to feel empowered and accepting of where you're at. Spend time with "get well soon" when you need a musical hug and reassurance. Do things that you love! + Get ready for your glow.