August 14, 2018, Astro-Tarot Angel Number Meditation: The Sun + Ace of Swords + 6 of Cups + Judgement + Angel Number 244



Song: Stopwatch by @dawnrichard 

We are still in mercury retrograde, but coming off of a major Solar #eclipse and #newmoon in #Leo, where we’ve probably felt, harnessed + seen the effects of this expansive energy in our attitudes, self-esteem, courage, &fuel for working towards our personal life &career goals! •
Suggested by the Sun, perhaps you’re seeing the fruits of your labor in travel, new creative opportunities, &pleasureful experiences.

With the Moon and #Venus in #Libra, + in conjunction with e/o, we’re supported in settling into this energy, &experiencing #harmony in our mind-heart-body to act in our best interest, as well as in collaboration with others whereas prior, our harnessing of this Leo #energy was more individualistic.

Related to the Ace of Swords, Angel Number 244 appears as the number for today &is a literal correlation to this message: where there was once confusion and doubt in the ways you see the world and yourself, there’s now so much clarity! Clarity that you need to use your gifts + talents, &tap into this #sun energy, & clarity about the ways you will. The number also suggests clarity about who you can collaborate with and trust in these ways as well.

The 6 of Cups suggests new ideas and clarity can continue to come in the form of dreams, memories of your past, deja vu experiences & that the lessons & synchronicities are towards your purpose, signaled by Judgement. That this Libra energy of collaboration and partnership gives you affirmation &mirroring in others. 
Judgement & Stopwatch by Dawn tells us we don’t have time to waste! Keep Confidence plus humility while you ground and plan + don’t get clouded by naysayers or nostalgia/memories because your #destiny is here. And is the product of your efforts before &in the moment. You can absolutely achieve everything you set out to do. Your guides are in the wings 🖖🏾🌸✨

Tay Glover