July 8, 2018 Astro-Tarot Angel Number Meditation: The Hermit + 10 of Swords + 3 of Cups + Angel Number 1044


It’s a sacred Sunday🌞🌸✨

Our Cancer Moon trines the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces giving us a peaceful, introspective, and loving energy in the air— the Sun in Cancer warmth shines its energies on abundance, wanting to get grounded in one’s goals and #dreams , and seeking higher understanding of one’s emotions and purpose. 

But with the Moon in Taurus’s opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio and Sextile Neptune + our tarot pulls for today, one might feel the tension of wanting time for introspection, comforts, beauty, outdoors, socializing, soul seeking, and basking within creativity and their imagination. 

The Hermit + 10 of Wands + Angel number 1044 are a message to trust in your journey, relinquish any worry and anxiety about the things that trouble you— your past is the proof of how capable you are of the new things you’re undertaking. Acknowledge the hard work and determination you have put into your past achievements, and know that they will bring long-term benefits. You have been a brave one with tenacity, so tap into those aspects of yourself to keep going. 3 of cups says its a time of compromise, celebration, connection. Seek higher trust in your senses and understanding of your immediate needs.

With the Moon in Taurus Square Mercury in Leo it’s a potential conflict in our ability to make decisions in general + in these areas, so strive to balance your needs. What do you need to do to get things done more efficiently? What do you need to do to honor yourself while you get grounded today? Warmth of the outdoors, time with lovers or friends? Dance? Journaling? beautification and self-care?

Surrender to what calls you without self-judgement and #keepgoing. Check out these soundscapes 🖖🏾🌞🌸✨✨ 


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Tay Glover