June 20, 2018 Astro-Tarot-Angel Number Meditation: Ace of Wands + 2 of Wands + Queen of Coins + 10 of Coins + Number 933

Ace of Wands + 2 of Wands + Queen of Coins + 10 of Coins + Number 933
Soundscape: Up in My Cocina by Rae Sremmurd



Theres so much creative, ambitious, intellectual and loving energy in the #starstoday, lovers ☺️🌸The moon just moved into #libra —the air sign ruled by Venus, known to be associated with intellect, love, diplomatic partnership, and harmony—while the #sun is still in #Gemini .This, plus Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter and Neptune indicates lots of potential to jumpstart ideas, partnerships, and set intentions with strategy. 

Reaffirmed by today’s Tarot pulls and number 933 😉🔮✨

Ace of Wands + 2 of Wands + Queen of Pentacles + 10 of Coins also suggests having new & exciting inspiration, ideas, or opportunities in the areas of creativity, sexuality, leadership that we can nurture through partnership or have supported via a good listening ear. It’s a good time to stay grounded and joyous in possibilities, since the seeds you sow now intimate immense prosperity and sensuous goodness. Flow in #pleasure and build. 
Relatedly, 933 is a message to be content with the endings that offer you a new beginning; you’re supported by the angels. Keep good thoughts on your soul purpose journey—one connected to using your talents and creativity to help build prosperity & a better world for us. Happy Journeying ✨

Tay Glover