Full Moon in Capricorn: Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Forecast

Knight of Swords + 7 of Coins + 8 of Wands + 6 of Coins  

Angel Number 755

Healing Soundscapes for Emotional Alchemy: The Carters’ album, Everything is Love

Pictured: The Rider Waite Deck

Pictured: The Rider Waite Deck

The Full Moon in Capricorn arrives just after the Summer Solstice, just before midnight ET on Wednesday, June 27th, and just a day after Mars, the planet of action, motivation, and warrior  energy, stationed retrograde in Aquarius on June 26th. 

The energy of both suggests a focus on things like bettering one’s career, and pursuing dreams and visions that benefit the individual and the collective, while having to contend with the pieces that still need to be worked out, matured, nurtured, and seriously reviewed in building a legacy while in such an expansive time. And with the full moon in Capricorn, we’re being asked to review the ways that our relationship to authority within and outside of ourselves, discipline, patriarchy, and toxic or imbalanced masculinity feed the shadow things (like fears; mental-emotional patterns; harmful sociopolitical, mental or spiritual conditioning; toxic masculine habits; and delusions/illusions) that effect our mental-emotional health, clarity and balance, focus, self-initiative and self-discipline, humane ethics or lack thereof, and harmful or ineffective communication styles and patterns with others.  Which all affects the state of our social and business relationships and ability to cultivate those dreams and visions that benefit the individual and collective. 

Shadow work is heavy.

And yes. Mars Retrograde do still be fucking with communication devices too.

The Knight of Swords appears in this forecast as a literal depiction of this energetic onslaught of a Mars retrograde in Aquarius interacting with a Full Moon in Capricorn. This card, invoking the young knight ruled by intellect, the nature of Mars, and the sharpness of a wielded sword, suggests what witches understand and anticipate during Mars retrograde energy: the struggle between going forth and furiously blowing the lid on fuck shit we discover in the name of justice, and the need to self-review, observe, and strategically mind your business, your mental-emotional health, and your mouth. For your highest good. And the highest good of others. Ashé. However, with Mars retrograde in Aquarius, the sign concerned with humanitarian efforts, collectives, and ethics, and the Full moon in Capricorn, the earth sign of authority and discipline in relation to material resources and wealth, we should take the Knight of Swords + 7 of Pentacles as an important sign to review our ethical foundations and motives for what we do and don’t stand up for, what we’re trying to build, and how to sustain it as we go forward in the summer. And ultimately, with this energy and the knight, go forward we must.  

Some reflective journal prompts for a full moon ritual in which you figure out and release things that don’t serve, and consider how to create more of what does: 

Are our creations, our lives, and what we offer to the collective founded in pure ego?  Motivated by only a need to achieve? Or infused with passion, a commitment to justice, and actions that match your words?

What steps can I take to make sure I’m operating from a place of authenticity, my own identity based on self-seeking, abundance, generosity, integrity—where humanitarianism, heart, and praxis align? Where I’m not overgiving or being taken advantage of, being a martyr, or ruling with an iron fist? Or where I’m creating ecosystems? 

Either way, the Knight of Swords and 7 of Coins reaffirm that we can’t and shouldn’t avoid the responsibilities we have to the greater good, the things we are creating, or our self-growth in matters of communication, beliefs, business, and relationships. When you're able to do the shadow work, you're able to indulge in the sun. This is the time of year when we’re seeing the fruits of the seeds we’ve sewn, good-bad, and are prompted to review before going forward. 

Importantly, the Sun in Cancer, the 8 of wands and 6 of coins suggests that when we tend to these areas in need of review and maturation, that we’ll be in prime position for accelerated expansion in the form of opportunities, travel, and prospects of success related to career and creativity. Even prospects of love. After all, Sun is in Cancer and it's the summertimeeee-the time is still sweet and fertile for business, creative, love, healing, and nurturing energy exchange, and partnerships. With intention, this energy can help us be reflective, brave, and tap into Capricorn wisdom, endurance, strategy, pleasure, and abundance. 

Angel Number 755 + Soundscapes for Emotional Alchemy: The Carters’ album, Everything is Love

Relatedly, angel number 755 indicates undergoing exciting fated changes and transformations, prompted by love and mystic energy that will impact your personal, professional, and spiritual life--changes to prepare for and embrace since they're for evolution. In particular an evolution related to incoming love, reconciliations, strong new friendships and connections for your personal or professional life. This number is also in line with the message of the aspects mentioned above, in that we're asked to fuse wisdom, honesty, and compassion as the basis of our relationships, communication, and ways of being/cultivating our world. It's a time to be proud of all you've accomplished, and to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Carters’ album, Everything is Love, beginning with the track, "Summer," also weaves a tale of sensuous longing; self-introspection; surveying our "FRIENDS" and what we deserve in relationships, stroking one's ego and acknowledging the hard work you've done as a "BOSS" that makes you so "NICE," while the Divine Feminine commands in "Apeshit" : "Gimme my check, put some respek on my check. Or pay me in equity. Watch me reverse out of debt (skrrt)." 

Like the energy calls for, we hear a review of and honesty about independent desires for passion, wealth, indulgence-- "Ice ornaments. Icy style tournaments"-- happiness, and security; and how it might/might not compliment another person or collective.

Ultimately, what will we do with the task of shadow work, and the lessons and abundance this retrograde and summer season gifts us? 

Will we take initiative and be disciplined with the tasks at hand? Stack our money fast and go? Think of "All of my people, free 'em all"?  With the help of yo momma, yo Lord, yo shield? 

Let's take a sip of Yonce, strive for Happy/Love, justice, and put in the work: 

"Gimme the paw, gimme the ball, take the top shift"
Call my girls and put 'em all on a spaceship (brr)
Hop in the whip, wanna see the stars
Sendin' the missiles off, drinkin' my inhibitions off✨

Happy Full Moon! 👁🌸✨

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