May 31, 2018- Astro-Tarot-Angel Number Meditation: 5 of Swords + 6 of Cups + Judgement + The Lovers (Knowledge)+ Channeled number: 744


5 of Swords + 6 of Cups + Judgement + The Lovers (Knowledge)+ Channeled number: 744

🖤The residual Sag Full Moon energy and the #abundance of #gemini energy in the #stars interact with today’s moon in #capricorn to indicate lots of cerebral activity and potential restlessness. Over the last 2 days you’ve been most likely really energized to make changes and plans to go in the direction of your #purpose ✨exciting ✨—and/or dealing with up and down moments of reckoning with the shadows that have kept you from doing so up until now.
🖤Today, 5 of Swords + 6 of Cups suggests being consumed with some nagging self-judgement or worry about the future, maybe regarding decisions you have to make about life’s current transitions. And perhaps still thinking heavily about the past.
🖤Judgement is a message to zoom out, not be deluded by self-doubt, or memories of the past. But instead to logically take lessons from the past toward action and integration. You’re already sure about your purpose- can look back on how you’ve evolved and been reborn along the way. The Lovers/Knowledge card emphasizes this message to find #balance and #clarity in your decisions from integration of lessons, and making a choice between things based on your calling. 💙What will make you feel complete? How can you use your #gifts and #leadership to heal and #uplift the world around us? What steps can you take to integrate your shadows? What do you still need to forgive and accept in yourself to follow your calling?
Choose freedom, partnership, and honor your calling🌸✨ With angel number 744, the angels say the same 👁: you have a lot to do for your divine life mission and you are divinely supported✨ Acknowledge the work you’ve done on yourself, and continue to seek and accept higher understandings of yourself, your path, and purpose.