June 16, 2018: Astro-Tarot-Angel Number Meditation: The Oracle + Ace of Coins + 3 of Cups + Channeled Number: 1212


Astro-Tarot-Angel Number Meditation: The Oracle + Ace of Coins + 3 of Cups + Channeled Number 1212

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🌸Since the #newmoon #energy settled a bit, today you should feel a burst of vibrant confident energy that you're able to use at your will--creatively, in business, toward important causes, and in intimate relationships-- with the #moon in #leoconjunct #venus in Leo. These planetary energy aspects indicate that business, finance, and love relationships are heavy on the brain. Today's Tarot pulls align with the influence of today's energy--the potent Leo moon and Venus in Leo energy that makes us feel abundant #love energy and confident in these areas, and like we want to be seen/charge forth, and its somewhat challenging aspects to other planets.

🌸Even though feeling the abundant love energy and potential in these areas and like we want to charge ahead confidently, it isn't without challenge, or cause to not act in measured ways in relationships, with reasonable ego, given the Leo moon opposition to #Mars in Aquarius, Mercury in Cancer in opposition to Saturn in Cap, and Venus in Leo trine Chiron--planet of #healing deep trauma.

🌸The Oracle/High Priestess + Ace of Coins + 3 of Cups suggests the need to sit in contemplation and sacred time-space with your #intuition to gage these areas--maybe you’ve had prophetic #dreams or intuitive urges related to personal spiritual-emotional epiphanies, business ideas or how to proceed in relationships. Don't succumb to doubt about your nudges/ ideas! or dark energy of whatever comes up for you that still needs healing today. Instead act from a space of love, with measured, intentional communication with yourself and others today. Balance #sacred alone time to tap into your core confidence, and fun loving connection with others. In in most positive form, these cards + 1212 encourage you to harness your integrated creative-intuitive gifts, and feminine-masculine energy to do something new, to act on a new opportunity, and cherish and amplify intimacy in important relationships.

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