“In Deep”—Full Moon in Cancer x Capricorn Season : Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Forecast


Angel Number 522

Soundscape for Emotionally Alchemy: “Deep” by Summer Walker

The thing about the full moon and its connection to water and us, is that as energetic beings who are connected to the stars and made up primarily of water, we start feeling the emotional effects for days and hours leading up to the actual full moon. Not only is a full moon generally a product of the moon being fully illuminated by the sun, but in astrologer-speak, the tensions we feel from things that get illuminated in our subconscious, are emblematic of the Sun and Full Moon being in opposition. Oppositions give us things to work through. And we do this through shadow-work. 

One of the ways I work with astrology, tarot, sound, and healing modalities in client consultations, and through full moon forecasts, is via trauma-informed shadow work coaching. I believe for healing to be effective, it’s important to start with an expansive understanding that goes to the root—how the ways we feel well or not often corresponds to the planetary, energetic themes and lessons we’re being asked to master for soul evolution and more ease. 

And when we’re able to understand what’s happening in both the conscious and subconscious, as well as how we’re influenced by something greater than us, the government, and society, and that we can be in harmony with for our greater good—we can achieve sovereignty. And whatever kind of success that matters to us.

Its officially Capricorn season—the season of the sea goat, and we are currently experiencing a Full Moon in Cancer, of which we’ll be feeling the effects well into Monday. 

Like other forecasts, I looked to Tarot, the stars, and the angels to ask:  what are the themes for this Full Moon + Cap season for the collective? And given this all lines up during the Winter Solstice, what does the collective need to know for the New Year? Toward ushering in positive abundance?

As for themes, our astro-tarot forecast brought up the Five of Wands + 2 of Wands + Ten of Cups. It’s possible to have experienced, or currently experience bouts of feeling emotionally overwhelmed related to the issues of how we connect to family, others, and our aspirations; and to also feel tension between your need for order, productivity, and structure versus your need for zen, nurture, and the time and space to process emotions around family issues, connections, and feeling whole with your values or boundaries. This is that sun and moon opposition, as well as what’s represented in the Cards. However, oppositions offer us opportunities to work through something to come out on the other side successful and abundant. 

Do you need to have a hard conversation with a family member or friend about issues that have built up from the past to restore the relationship to a form that validates your truth, boundaries, and that nourishes you? Are you facing turmoil or tension in a relationship that’s been foundational to shaping who you are? Does family issues currently cause emotional turmoil you’d rather not deal with? Would you rather prioritize work than take the time you need to feel? Are you at a crossroads of dedicating time to work versus your feelings and family at this critical point in working toward your goals? Have you tried to escape the processes? The lessons? The emotional outpours? Your own depth of feeling? Your mixed feelings? For fear of how it’ll change you at your core? Are you judging yourself either way?

We’re in deep. You’re in your feels… But you’re a swimmer. And you’ve got space. Space for your emotions to spill. Space to take a break from feelings to get things done. Space to return again and see it all as flow and balance versus escape or valuing one over the other. The right to take space, to refigure your priorities too. But you have to return. See it all through. And the tides will turn in your favor.

Balance is the key word for this reading.

In patriarchal capitalist societies, the over-valuation of masculinity, work, and masculine conquer, with the suppression and exploitation of the feminine, influences us basing our values, self-image, and relationships according to how much we work, produce, or over-give. And we unconsciously internalize it all as what makes us matter. What can make us connected to grandness. To others. This imbalance translates into how we then judge our actions and productivity, how we judge our lack of action and productivity, and how we restrain our emotionality or judge our hyperemotionality— all unhealthy extremes that are modeled for us as the norm. What’s hiding in the crevice, the shadow, is how we do any or all of these out of fear and self-deception that we can’t find middle ground

Lessons: Astrologically, Capricorns are who we look to as intrinsically successful—they are hardworking, disciplined, brave, which correlates to them being cardinal signs and the grand archetype of the Father. What can be easy to miss is how they’re also the sea goat of the zodiac, and similar to swans, when you only look at the surface, we can see them coasting upon waters, but miss how they are galloping ferociously underwater to stay up. How when they’re rushing through waters head-first, similar to a ram, their heads are down, and from their view often all they see and struggle against is darkness. How they chart new territory through a balance of rational planning and light when their heads are up, and through will and determination that helps them keep their heads down to rush through darkness, which is really hard. How their attainment of earthly success is partly due to a deep relationship with intellect, action, and intuition. But as a masculine Patriarch, that’s not the same as having a positive, non-oppressive relationship to the feminine, spirituality, intuition, or feelings. Or family. Like many of our Fathers… and in commences core wounds and distortions around values, connection, spiritual-emotional alignment, and nurture..

In tension with the other extreme, Cancer energy, which can flood us with emotions to the point of desiring its repression, desiring to escape, or highlighting issues with our Mothers, we may be meditating on/yearning for hugs, emotional-spiritual balance and intuitive guidance, flow in our lives, and relationships without judgement or repression.

When I asked the cards what we need to know for the New Year, Seven of Swords + Two of Cups + Four of Wands appeared. Spirit wants us to watch out for these imbalances and the distortions that keep up from putting in effort to acquire inner and outer peace and find balance. To work through these themes as opposed to escaping them for fear of change so as to achieve personal harmony, balanced core values, flow within our work and our work-life balance. Given the veil is thin, and seven of swords appeared in a reading pertaining to our emotional wellness and vulnerability, it’s also a good time to keep a protective and emotional balancing stone like Tourmaline on you for protection as well. In the case of both questions, the 10 of cups and 4 of wands means we can absolutely expect positive outcomes, news, and abundance from our work efforts, as well as spiritual-inner alignment, and new harmony and security in relationships and our homes in the New Year.

Angel Number 522 encourages you to see the bigger picture and make the necessary changes in order to achieve this, and encourages you to bring things through to fruition from the spiritual, creative, intellectual plane to the material plane. It’s a message to stop wasting time and energy resisting change because the life changes will bring about new opportunities that will turn out to be the answers to your prayers. Instead, stay calm, balanced, and focused; trust your intuitive messages, and what you need. Use these dilemmas and tasks to change things to the way you want them to be. In all actuality, our guides, ancestors, and angels are performing miracles behind the scenes.

Have the hard conversations. Keep compassion. Cry if you need to. Loop this song and feel through it. Be honest about what you need and desire. Take space for cuddles. Nurture yourself. Keep at your checklist. In sum, water your growth for continued ascension.

xo, TWG