“The Big Unknown”—Full Moon in Gemini x Sagittarius Season : Tarot, Angel Number, Soundscape Forecast

The Devil +  King of Wands + 2 of Swords + Queen of Wands 

Angel Numbers: 1111, 1122

Soundscape for Emotional Alchemy: Sade, “The Big Unknown”


Communing with Spirit and revering our ancestors—our Eggun— is all about accessing the languages + understanding the magic of synchronicities. Being an empowered agent of change means understanding that change is a combination of rituals comprised of directed energy that takes the shape of your intention and imagination. 

Over the last few months we’ve been going through a pretty magical, turbulent, dark, and exciting time of harvesting, purging things we’ve brought up from the depths, penitence, reviewing, and rebuilding in all areas of our lives. And As a mystic who thinks and understands the world through astrology, communing with my spirit guides who speak to me through angel numbers, music/sound/art, tarot, and the magic of synchronicities, I can say it’s no coincidence as the themes are in direct correlation to the particular planetary transits and numerology/energetic synchronicities we’ve had lately.  It’s been a wild. fucking. ride.

  • from a Full Moon in Pisces that kicked off Virgo Harvest season, where we then experienced Venus in Scorpio and a New Moon in Virgo on 9/9. In terms of angel number meanings, and even in Tarot, 9’s suggest the near completion of a cycle, journey to abundance, phase of life, and karmic endings/closures. However, endings and closures can also be shocking, scary, an even momentarily destabilizing. During this time of setting intentions and having Venus in Scorpio, angel number 99 was a spiritual message from our guides that upcoming shake-ups would make way for new beginnings that would allow us to be in line with our divine soul purpose. And that as we set intentions during that time for new beginnings, the losses, revealed information, and challenges we’d experience in relationships required honesty, reflexivity, careful adaptability and trust. 

  • to experiencing an Aries Full Moon on 9/24 after a host of alternating challenging and helpful activity from Saturn in Capricorn, from Mars, and from Uranus in Taurus, upon beginning Libra Season. This phase felt very much like “The Purge and Penitence.” Where we were tasked with how well we adapted to some let downs in experience and trust, and tests to our will power, tempers, emotional intelligence, communication and processing abilities, ability to forgive, and ability to make well-rounded rational decisions in our best interest. 

  • to having Venus retrograde in Scorpio, Mercury transition to Scorpio, while we transitioned to Scorpio Season during October; a Taurus Full Moon immediately after beginning Scorpio Season; and a Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 6th. This was followed by the magical (Sun)day, 11/11/18, and having Jupiter, the planet of adventure and expansion, move into it’s home sign, Sagittarius. Now, on 11/22, we have both a Full Moon in Gemini and the Sun into Sagittarius. This period was an extended and exacerbated test of the aforementioned themes, with an emphasis on breakdowns in important interpersonal relationships, and challenges to how we have been and imagine making a living. We most likely had to make peace with hurtful revelations, and decide what could and could not be resolved. But ultimately we were being forced to go within ourselves and develop and lean on our inner knowing. Our faith. Our ability to recover and care for ourselves. Our trust in our strengths and larger visions. It was an intense period of reckoning with self, others, and instability while in transition. A very intense time of personal transformation, being urged to audit and take lots of accountability in our interpersonal and work/business relationships, to be dedicated to visioning and reinventing how we make a living, and figuring out what relationships will be complimentary to our evolving selves/lives. It was also mixed with some intricate synchronistic opportunities to make important connections and be in creative discovery and trial that, while scary, was/is setting us up for a new kind of expansion that will lead to a better security and stability. A completion and payoff of this harvest season. At least we hope, right?

This brings us to now. To the important themes this Gemini Full Moon and Sagittarius season. 

On November 9th, days after the Scorpio New Moon, while we were in the depths of the dark and transition, Sade, living legend and Goddess of Sensuous Mystery, released a track entitled “The Big Unknown” as we were on the brink of an important portal, 11/11. 

Angel number 1111 is an amplified signal/time of beginnings, awakening, opportunity to manifest and harness the magical energy of our thoughts, intentions, expertise, and aide from our spiritual guides, etheric bodies, and higher selves. It’s a sign to trust ideas, burgeoning projects, and coincidental occurrences as being full of promise. To have the universal energies of a Gemini Full Moon, plus Jupiter and the Sun in Sagittarius coalesce on 11/22 is no coincidence either. 22 is the master number correlated to being a Master Builder. 1122 gives us a message that although we are in the Middle of “The Big Unknown,” there is no going back. Release fear, any residual hurt or disappointment from the past month, and trust that as you make steps toward a new path, Universal Energies and your guides are working behind the scenes to meet you and help you manifest your wants, needs, goals and desires. You’ve seen glimpses of the possibilities. Hold onto that excitement! Trust it, trust it. Trust. It. Ashe.

As it’s Holiday season, it’s important to know that the darkness of “The Big Unknown” at this time is also felt as a dread, grief, discomfort, hurt, alienation, or solitude for those of us who are missing loved ones, or are poor, queer, of color, and indigenous from confronting micro and macro-aggressions on behalf of our “communities” and the nation’s consistent upholding of this wretched holiday. And at the end of the day, we amplify these energies through our rituals, until we collectively dismantle the coloniality in our collective. 

Themes for this Full Moon in Gemini x Sagittarius Season are: self-trust, trust in your guides, bravery, grace while in transition, and compassion for self, the journey, and anyone who hasn’t treated you well. Additionally, while we have Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, this full Moon in Gemini + entrance of the Sun into Sagittarius means we have major energetic influences of the Gods of wisdom, philosophy, and rational thought that we have to be mindful to use toward tapering any communication issues, and reviewing our plans to be implemented in the New year.

Most importantly, we are to use this weekend to rest, release, ground in our bodies and boundaries, and reset as we continue completion of the harvest. Additionally, it’s an important time to rethink the significance of how we direct our individual and collective energies and intentions during times of immense universal/energetic portals such as these—when will we collectively do away with “Thanksgiving” and contributing to the ritualistic energetic amplification and dismissal of Native grief and mourning, and racial capitalism?  

The Devil +  King of Wands + 2 of Swords + Queen of Wands make an appearance to echo many of these lessons. The Devil signals our relationship to things that hold us in bondage, low vibrational energy, our attachment to material pleasures, or intense sexual energy/ potential experiences. It also presents as opportunities to retool this energy for best uses. Aspecting the King of Wands-a pinnacle of fire energy and expansion-, it suggests we use this energy to boost our leadership plans, creative and entrepreneurial agendas, confidence and charisma. It may represent upcoming travel or figures who’ve appeared in your life recently that could help mentor or boost your opportunities in some way that’s synchronistic, but perhaps still a bit unclear, shown in 2 or Swords. In that way, the 2 of Swords shows it’s not a time to make exact decisions just yet as all information isn’t revealed or that you’re in the prep, rest & wait period; but the Queen of Wands suggests that you make the impetus to ponder on best ways to direct opportunities and these resources in your best interest in the meantime. The Queen of Wands is a sensuous magician and witch. Tapping into this energy, you’ll be prepared to conjure what’s ideal into existence.  

Journaling prompts for self:  it’s a time of being with and making peace with what it means to feel settled in your body, and to visualize how your upcoming goals and abundance will feel should they come to fruition.

What is the vision you have for your life? How attached are you to the illusion of your past visions and expectations? How open are you to the biggest unknowns that just may change your life in all the deeper meaningful ways you wished and hoped for? In the ways that keep you connected to your values and your highest potential? How has you life changed within the last year? How does it feel to break the chains that held you back before? Do you believe in your ability to paint the picture of your dreams?  If so, rest for now, but don’t stall. 

Are you connected to that sensory source in your gut, your root? That slow burn of inner warmth when you’re truly in your body? Your breath? An ability to create inner calm? Did you know that Gemini is a sign correlated to intellect and rationality? prone to overthinking and anxiety? and rules the lungs? Did you know Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs? Meditate on forming a healthy connection to these areas to ground and flow. While we’re still “in the deep below, that only darkness really knows…hoping for a humble seed to grow.”

Move and meditate to Sade’s low hums and soothing words for us as she sings: 

“No I won’t surrender to this hard hearted night

Though I know the sun’s gonna bring the palest of light

And all that remains

Is everything that’s gone

This life is mine so I’ll carry on

I’m just trying to hold on

I’m falling in the dark below

I feel I’m falling in the big unknown

Here in the deep below

I will rise

I will rise again

A humble seed will grow”

Songwriters: Ben Travers / Helen Adu; The Big Unknown lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

—Happy journeying, TWG