Your (2019) Lion’s Gate mix for emotional alchemy- listen to these Light Codes from Spirit.

Dark Waters-Wavy (2018)

It’s been a wild ride through the dark watery emotions of our shadows… let’s make it wavy. And Astral. Alchemy. For Afro-futures. 
Let's go to the sun.

Featuring and inspired by some of my favorite producers- @Jenovah, @oshay-latrel-reed and favorite artists @off-narcotics and @2fourhrs.


Dark Waters-Trust, Vol. 1 (2017)

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius ✨--since the heavy Scorpio transits the last 2 months, the energy has been intense. It's felt like wading dark waters, feeling your way, learning trust and faith for your best interests. I made this mix to transmute any darkness and stagnant energy in my emotional body related to these themes of the recent wave of Scorpio energy--trust in relationships... trust in self... reconciling traumas to aid necessary death and transformative rebirth. 
New Moon in Sagittarius offers some respite, rejuvenation, welcoming death and rebirth, aided by a new Saturn transit taking us into the New Year with some bravery, confidence, and dedication for improvement after wading through dark waters.

This helped me through it. 
Cheers to vibes. Cheers to bravery. Cheers to feelings. Cheers to darkness, light, and healing ✨

*I do not own rights to the music included in this mix-no copyright infringement intended* Mix + effects by me. Tracklist on Soundcloud. 


Baptize Me, 2017

Some worlds I visited... some waters I drowned in. Drunk in Spirit. Baptized. Alive.
Listen way loud. I hope you feel something. Like and share. 🖖🏾✨

• Dawn- How I Get It (Helix Remix)
• Dawn- Paint it Blue (Rizla Remix)
• Chrominicci- Free Fall
• Sam Gellaitry- Divinity
• Sam Gellaitry- Iphone track
• Nami
• MadBliss & space girl- Silo
• Chromonicci- Waves
• Sam Gellaitry- Ceremony
• Sango & Monte Booker- Bem-Estar
• Tiber x Falcxne- Baile
• Dawn- Baptize (Kingdom’s Honesty VTX remix)

I do not own the rights to tracks used.