I was trying to figure out as a community worker why political folk were so distant from the spiritual community—clairvoyants, mediums, those kind of folks whom I was studying with. I wondered what would happen if we could bring them together as Bookmam brought them together under Toussaint, as Nan brought them together in Jamaica...Why don’t we have a bridge language so that clairvoyants can talk to revolutionaries?
— Toni Cade Bambara, Deep Sightings & Rescue Missions: Fiction, Essays, and Conversations

Tay, The Witch Goddess--Black Queer Feminist Theorist, Artist, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Tantrika, Astrology & Tarot Intuitive Therapist

Specialization: Feminist Holistic Spiritual Wellness

Tay is a mystic, wellness practitioner, and Black lesbian feminist scholar-artist born and raised in rural South Carolina. She has a Master's in African American Studies from Northwestern University; and received both her Bachelor's in Women's Studies and Political Science, and her Master's in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies from The Ohio State University. There, her research, student activism and involvement, and teaching centered Black and women of color feminisms, decolonial feminist pedagogy, queer student of color experiences in education, colonial histories, and neocolonial state carceal violence against Black women and queer and trans people of color.

Still personal-political in nature, and informed by black feminist principles of embodied theory-in-praxis and being a healer, her work and leadership at Northwestern University included co-teaching undergraduate courses, working as the program assistant at Northwestern University's Women's Center, serving on the university LGBT Task Force, the Sexual Misconduct Working Group, and serving as a leader/liaison in university efforts to better serve students through university programming and initiatives.  

The Witch Goddess Sacred Wellness coheres around education, divination, and healing through the stars, the word, music, sexuality, and spirit. Tay, The Witch Goddess offers consultations using tarot + astrology readings, trauma-informed shadow work coaching, intimacy/relationship coaching, Usui Holy Fire Reiki energy healing, therapeutic and tantric touch, and sound healing to help others gain clarity for self-empowerment, decision-making, spiritual growth, self-actualization, psycho-somatic health, and pleasure for embodied wholeness.

In addition to her mystic gifts and practitioner certifications, her degrees in history, race, gender, and sexuality studies support her readings and consultations with clients. Her unique offerings, courses, and workshops center healing justice, spiritual ascension, sacred sexuality, and holistic wellness; and are also varied and tailored for anyone--ranging from students, to institutions, businesses/organizations, individuals, or couples. She’s available for speaking engagements & workshops.

As a mixtress, she loves to create soundscapes for emotional alchemy. In her DJ sets and mixes you'll find unique alternative and popular tracks that cross genres but induce feeling and release.

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Thewitchgoddess.com is a space to house Tay, The Witch Goddess‘ lifework as a mystic & love child of the universe wedded to a Black queer lesbian feminist politics + healing justice : published writing—academic and personal, as it traverses poetry, feminist issues, & knowledge about holistic spiritual wellness and the spiritual ascension journey; her mixes for emotional alchemy; and regular monthly content like: full moon forecasts and Youtube Astro-Tarot-Angel Readings—the first to fuse astrology-tarot-angel-and music based divination.
In hopes that it helps you on on your own journey of enlightenment, self-empowerment, & intentional, pleasureful living through integration and following Spirit.